The number of families in the USA needing assistance from food cupboards continues to increase year after year.  Shocking that basic necessity items such as pads and tampons cannot be purchased with SNAP benefits (food stamps), WIC and TANF benefits.



Menstrual products are expensive and a necessity, not a luxury

Increased health risk when menstrual products, espeically tampons, are not changed properly 

Economically challenged families have to choose between buying menstrual products and buying food




“Meeting an unspoken need”  

 Featured in the Democrat and Chronicle



Pad Party, the first event of its kind to collect only menstrual products was held May 15th 2012 at Shear Ego Spa and Salon in Rochester, NY. 

One hundred women gathered at the inaugural event- the entrance fee was a box of menstrual products. Guests socialized, were treated to pampering with mini manicures and chair and hand massages, and enjoyed refreshments.

Most women take their monthly trip down the feminine care aisle for themselves and their daughters for granted, but when a family is struggling to pay the grocery bills, basic personal care items not covered by Food Stamps can be among the most expensive.  I was thrilled with the turnout at Pad Party which I hope will be duplicated in communities across the US. It’s important to create awareness to this problem and help women lead healthier lives by having access to feminine hygiene protection products in a dignified manner.

Please contact me if your organization is interested in duplicating this successful and meaningful event!


The Suburban Outlaw™

Our charitable causes featured in Gannett publications, The Suburban Outlaw column written by Pam Sherman; a writer, attorney and highly recognized keynote speaker who provides group and individual training programs to law firms, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies.  


P.A.D. Project 

                           (Providing Access and Dignity)

                               Scensible Source Corporate Sponsorship

               SSC supports the National Council of Jewish Women Greater Rochester, NY Chapter






SCENSIBLE STARTER kits for distribution to participants of organized tween and teen youth programs.  Small satin pink pouches containing a sanitary pad, a panty liner, hand wipe, a pack of Scensibles disposal bags and instructions on proper methods for discarding menstrual products. 

SCENSIBLE START kit making parties with help from Girl Scouts

Pittsford SCOOP assemble 550 kits for  Rochester City School District (New York) 5th grade girls participating in I’m WISE (Well-physically, Intellectually, Socially and Emotionally); a grade 4-6 elementary sexuality education initiative. 

ALL NEW! “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Feminine Hygiene Products But Are Afraid To Ask!”

An informative and fun talk about the history of feminine hygiene protection products from AD to present times; show and tell of eco-friendly alternative methods; why and how I invented Scensibles; importance of proper disposal practices; and more. Plus donation of Scensible Start Kits.




Past recipients of Scensibles and/or feminine care products:

 Center for Youth Services- Street Outreach Program-Rochester, NY

Hand Bags for the Homeless

Prom Dress Drive- Delta Phi Kappa-Sacred Heart University

Cameron Community  Ministries-Rochester, NY

Women’s College Prep through Pack for Success 

Junior League of Rochester for GirlsRock! participants

Give a Girl a Chance-Mission to Africa, Chelsea Krost “Teen Talk Live”

Boys and Girls Club of America: Smart Girls Rochester, NY

Syracuse, NY Central Village

S.H.I.N.E. Greater Washington DC

Cheer Program Fort Mead, MD, Laurel Boys and Girls Club

Amodestri Girls Club, Inc Rochester, NY

LASS:Ladies Attaining Self Sufficiency, Rochester, NY

Clay County Health Department in Lineville, AL

Girl Scouts of Genesee Valley

Young Queens, a program of Education Plus in Baltimore Maryland

The Beautiful Achieving Divas, a program of Hillside Work Scholarship Connection, Rochester, NY

STAR Sister’s Together Achieving Results

Miss Expo

Fairy Godmothers-Rochester, NY

Girl Scouts of Eastern MA

KCH Training Columbia , SC

Victor/Farmington, NY Salvation Army Christmas Stocking Program

Fashion Week of Rochester

WXXI Speaking of Women’s Health Conference 2010

Pamper Me Pink 2010

WISE Conference 2012

Girl Power Project 2010

Super Mom Conference


Notes of gratitude

 I just wanted to let you know that we received your donation of 100 scensible samples for our Swag Bags for Pamper Me Pink 2010 to benefit the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester and I am so very thankful for your support of our event! 

We cannot thank you enough and stress the importance of the support of businesses like yours to make this event a success and raise the money we have commited ourselves to raise for this organization! Have a great week.

Amber Perez

Greetings Ann

I wanted to thank you for your generous donation of sanitary supplies to Davis Aerospace Technical High and the Pretty Brown Girl Chapter, Girls to Pearls.  We recently had our induction ceremony and samples of the products were included in the “swag bag” given to each of the 31 young ladies.  The other supplies will be used in our young lady restroom areas for proper disposal of sanitary products.  I am so grateful for your generosity. 
With a grateful heart, 
Principal at Davis Aerospace Technical High



 I wanted to thank you personally for the wonderful sanitary kits for the girls. They loved them. We had a great discussion about waste disposal and the proper way of doing it.
 The girls brought up the point that there were no garbage cans in their bathroom at school. So we sat down and the girls wrote a persuasive letter to the head custodian requesting one.

They spelled out the rationale about girls in puberty needing their privacy, and that disposing of their personal waste in a trash can in the middle of the hall was not acceptable.

When I went to tutor yesterday they ran up to me to tell me they now have a garbage can in their bathroom. The girls learned many lessons thru your generous gift.

Thank you so much.    Elyse


Dear Ann,

The session our clinic nurse had with the pre-teen girls at First Assembly Christian School was very positive. She was able to get them to open up and ask lots of questions. They also loved the kits that you sent for them. They will be able to keep their supplies discreetly in their purse or back packs and be ready when their time comes. They were absolutely thrilled with their own little personal gift.

Thanks for all your help! April


 The Beautiful Achieving Divas really enjoyed you and all of the information you provided, as did my colleagues.

Some of the comments from students:
Very interesting
Learned about products they had never heard about
Going to go home and tell mom
“Not stuck up” (they were really impressed that you are an inventor/business owner and that you took the time to talk with them, and that you were so “nice.”)

My colleagues also really appreciated your style and ability to engage students.  So, thank you!


I along with the volunteers and participants of LACIE would like to say thank you for the generous contribution.  The packs and literature were distributed to each participant in a ‘Gym Bag Essentials Kit’ along with other items such as deodorant, water bottles, etc. Scensibles will continue to be featured as a sponsor on LACIE’s webpage on for the remainder of the year. 

 Thank you for all of your assistance,


  Scensibles on Huffington Post