What customers are saying about the SCENSIBLES System* compared to prior disposal methods

*Scensibles System refers to the personal disposal bags with or without the poly liners. Prior method in toilet area for disposal of menstrual care products, included an unlined receptacle; receptacle with one waxed bag or stacks of waxed bags; oversized plastic bags or no method at all.


Masks odors

90% reported Scensibles System mask offensive odors better than prior method

Insures safer cleaning practices

100% reported Scensibles poly liner bags eliminate the need for cleaning staff to reach hands into waste receptacles to remove the liner and soiled waste better than prior method

98% reported Scensibles System insures safer removal practices for cleaning staff better than prior method

60% reported Scensibles poly liner bags provide a way for cleaning staff to see and potentially avoid needles or other sharps discarded into waste receptacle better than prior method

98% reported Scensibles System minimize risk of exposure to possible blood borne pathogens better than prior method

Improves cleaning effectiveness and efficiency

98% reported Scensibles System is an effective and efficient system for disposal better than prior method

95% reported Scensibles System lessens cleaning time better than prior method

Reduces plumbing repair costs

72% reported Scensibles System help divert disposal of menstrual waste from the toilet to the trash better than prior method

After the installation of Scensibles System 90% of those who spent up to $999 monthly on plumbing repairs caused from flushed feminine care products, reported a reduction in expenses or no money spent.

Reduces outside or in-house plumbing service calls

After the installation of Scensibles System 73% of those who call in-house staff or an outside service company to repair toilet/plumbing issues, reported a reduction in the number of times or no calls at all.



 Elizabeth at the Hartsfield Jackson (Atlanta)  Airport using the SecureFit360 liners


Cleaning Consultants

“The Scensible Source solution is a cost efficient, safe, green alternative to traditional disposal methods. Not only does this healthy approach reduce the labor of custodians, but customers appreciate the ease and eco-design of the system. Although no one likes to discuss disposal of feminine products, Scensibles is the best replacement system – everyone benefits: customers, custodians, and the environment!” Perry Shimanoff, a cleaning consultant who has worked with public sector organizations for the past 31 years

“Best practices in restroom servicing means there is a need for hygienic cleaning (cleaning done with microbial reduction in mind) of the insides of restroom stalls, especially the san nap (sanitary napkin) receptacles. These are seldom clearly identified or labeled as to what they are and little attention is given to them except for pulling the used bag or liner and inserting a new one. Hygienic cleaning needs to include the obvious fomite presented by the dirty san nap (sanitary napkin) unit on the stall wall.

Even OSHA does not significantly address this issue, although it clearly is a blood and body fluid of concern and a common blood-contact opportunity. Used feminine hygiene products present a health concern for the custodians and others who have contact with the receptacle before it is disinfected, assuming that it ever is. This is an area demanding more attention and some advances in disposal technology.”  Lynn Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor

Facility and Houskeeping Managers

“I have installed them all over the Housing Dept. and they are getting rave reviews. We are so pleased with the Scensibles they are a huge asset to the overall cleanliness of the facilities. I am happy to promote such a wonderful product. Kimberly Kissel,Housing Custodial Foreman,Idaho State University

“The feedback (on the Scensibles System) is great. The students are really making good use of them and the workers just love them. WE ARE SAVING TIME AND MONEY WITH SCENSIBLES BAGS!” Hilda Alexander, Former Manager 2, The Ohio State University 

“Scensible Solutions system has worked wonderfully for us and it’s one of the best things we’ve done to improve restroom appearance, odor control, and assurance of proper disposal. We are still in the process of changing all units over but everywhere we’ve installed the new ones the feedback has been positive.” Don Sullivan, Manager of Custodial Services, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

“The new liners prove to increase better hygiene for the custodial staff. The existing liners (brown bags) tend to collapse inside the sanitary boxes however, the Scensible Source liners stay in tack inside the boxes and are easily removed. Custodians do not have to reach inside the box to retrieve the contents. University stock this item at stores.” Michigan State,  Training and Supply Supervisor 

“The sanitary disposal bags (Securefit360 Liners) are working great inside of the restrooms here at the airport. The employees love the durability and scent of the bags. The handle on the bag is great for removing them out of the bins and the bags fit inside of the bins perfect. An important factor is the sanitary disposal bags appearance look much better inside if the bins. I actual received hugs from the employees for introducing these bags to them. Thanks for creating a bag that we could use to make our employees happy and provide the better appearance inside of the restrooms.” Melody Smith Former Director Housekeeping Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

“Plumbing problems, sanitary and cleaning issues, and cleaner rest rooms—it’s amazing to find a product that solves all three, the day we had Scensibles installed, I immediately began getting e-mails from women in the building, thanking us for this great solution. As a property manager, I see feminine hygiene products as a problem with plumbing and clogs,” he said. “Since we installed Scensibles, we have not had a single maintenance issue related to feminine hygiene products. This has saved us a great deal of money!” D. Mark Campbell, Former Director of Administrative Services/Property Manager for AUSA

“Because sanitary napkin disposal can create such an UNSANITARY environment in women’s restrooms, I was looking for a long-term solution to this age-old problem. SCENSIBLES provides a very sensible solution to this situation. I would recommend you investigate this product for your facility’s needs. I believe you will be satisfied.” J. Darrel Hicks, Former REH Director of Environmental Services St. Luke’s Hospital  

“(Scensibles) are working out well. I have not sought after comments, but I have not had any negative feedback either (which is usually a better indicator). The bathrooms are fresher and there is less work for the dayporter, since we have done away with the wax bags.” Joe Blodgett Site Facility Supervisor LeChase Facilities Management

“I like the fact that women can use these bags, dump hygiene items in there, and then toss them in the regular trash. It’s much better than cleaning staff having to stick their hands in the containers and pull used products out. Not everyone wraps up their [waste], so blood-borne pathogens are a problem. Also, [some passengers] would drop needles in the sanitary napkin receptacles, even though we provide a needle container.” Ellen White, Kingston Dock The Washington State Ferry System

“The ladies commented that Scensibles had a pleasant scent, was well designed, and had a nice color. They were very happy that someone was thinking of them. In fact, one women commented ‘This should have been thought about a long time ago.’ “ Don Baker Former VP Contract Services Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana

Property Owners and Facility Managers

“We were experiencing expensive plumbing blockages from feminine care items at a number of our properties. The installation of the Scensibles system took care of the problem. The way I look at it, every tampon not flushed is a success story! Additionally, I believe supplying our tenants with these hygiene products reflects our concern for not only their health but the health of their patients and customers.” Bruce Hunt, Director Commercial Property Management, The Cabot Group

“I own three vacation rental homes and since we installed Scensibles, we have not had one plumbing emergency due to clogged pipes.  So folks are definitely using the Scensibles.  Prior to installing the Scensibles, we were averaging two plumbing calls per house per year.  All of our homes are old historic homes that connect to ancient clay sewer lines with tree root challenges.  Thanks for creating this product.  It has saved us a ton in plumbing emergency calls.” James B.

“Since installing Scensibles in all our guestrooms and public facilities we have eliminated the headache of the costly septic blockages we had prior to utilizing Scensibles.” Larry Siedlick, The Montauk Beach House

“We are pleased with the improvement in cleanliness and convenience the Scensibles bags offers our tenants. We have found the product to be a cost-effective alternative to the traditional wax bags. Our janitorial staff is thrilled with the ease of disposal.” Robert C. Tait, President of Broadstone Real Estate LLC.

Cleaning Staff and Managers

“The new liners prove to increase better hygiene for the custodial staff. The existing liners (brown bags) tend to collapse inside the sanitary boxes however, the Scensibles liners stay in tack inside the boxes and are easily removed. Custodians do not have to reach inside the box to retrieve the contents.” College Campus

“Since thousands of people use our facility each week we continue to hear positive responses from users and cleaning personnel. Comments range from: ‘those are the neatest little dispensers (and disposal bags) you’ve added to the restroom!’ to ‘where did you get those-we need them at our building!’ Mostly, everyone loves the removal of wall style trash receptacles in each stall!” Assembly Hall

“We’re finding a 90-95% usage rate and getting rave reviews about the bags. The cleaning crew can’t get over how much cleaner the receptacles are and how easy it is for them now.” Manager of a contract cleaning company for a Class A office building

The bags make my job so much easier.

This product is a great idea……I like the smell very much. This is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

We need to be careful of bodily fluids.

My housekeepers are going to love these.

Before SCENSIBLES emptying the stall bins was a horrible job-smelly and dirty.


“I was sitting down with the housekeeping manager of a hotel near Aspen, CO to introduce Scensibles, when he stopped me and told me that THAT MORNING about 3AM he was awakened by a co-worker telling him that a major sewer leak had occurred at the club. He rushed down to find that, yep – you guessed it, personal products (tampons) that had been flushed had backed up and burst a line junction, and sewage was everywhere. It took him and about 10 paid staff about 7 hours to clean it all up, including moving about 80 golf carts that were in the area of the breach! Estimated cost: $2500, including the roto-rooter crew, lost resources, and the wages of lots of staff!” ALSCO, Account Service Manager

“Until you bring it (feminine hygiene disposal) up to customers, you don’t realize how big of a problem it is for facility managers. It is our responsibility to introduce new and improved products to customers that are the solution to real problems.” Harvey Hiller, Former President Liberty Paper and Janitorial


“The United States EPA; Every Municipal Waste Treatment Facility in the U.S., Pump Manufacturers, Plumbers, Drain Cleaners, Septic System Installers and Waste Pumping Companies all recommend refraining from disposing of feminine hygiene products down toilets. Any solid matter put down a toilet or drainpipe has the potential to cause blockages in both private sanitary drainage systems and public sewer systems.

Other factors to consider, other than drain blockages is clogged pumps! Lift-Stations are used most-often in Municipal Piping Systems, fairly often in Commercial & less-often in Residential applications. These Foreign solids, Such as feminine hygiene products can also clog pumps, resulting in costly repairs & maintenance. Back-water Valves have flappers inside them to prevent sewage water from reversing flow to a residence or commercial property and preventing costly cleanup and damage. Feminine hygiene products can become trapped in these valves.

After 23 years in the Plumbing Trade, I’ve found yet another product that I will stand behind because it makes SENSE! With Water Conservation and Low-Flow Fixtures, solids in the drainage system are becoming more of an issue than ever. In close, I would like to express my personal appreciation for Scensibles. ‘The Plumber Protects The Health And Welfare Of The Nation’ The use of Scensibles helps protect The Plumber from exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens”
Darrell Cole, Q.C. Manager, Service Division, Mechanical Partners, Inc.


I purchased these for our condo association because of massive plumbing bills.  While I didn’t know just how folks would react to a man finding feminine disposal products for the ladies, they were a hit!  Who knew?

“We love your product. In the last 2 summers that we have had them available, we have had no plumbing problems with the “heads” on our tour boats. Nothing worse than trying to clear a clogged head (with a boat load of passengers.)” San Juan Safaris, Friday Harbor, WA

“The feedback has been very positive among the teachers. This is a much cleaner way for the girls to throw out their products.” Head Custodian, Middle School

“Everybody loves them! They’re a great addition to the bathroom! They’re wonderful!” Mary Erturk, Director of a specialized medical Day Care Center

“Scensibles do exactly what they are designed for-keep products out of toilets.” Assistant to President, Local not-for-profit