OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen guidelines expect that menstrual products be discarded into waste receptacles that are properly lined to prevent contact with the contents.

Commonly used inexpensive waxed paper bags do not hold their form to contain waste. The result is an offensive smelly mess and a health hazard.




 Placing stacks of new waxed bags sends a mixed message to resgtroom users.  The receptacle is a trashcan not a dispenser of new disposal bags. This results in an unsafe unsanitary mess! 



 Needles and other sharps are frequently disposed of in stall waste receptacles.  Cleaners must never reach their hands into containers to remove waste. See what happened at several Starbucks.





Scensibles Receptacle Liner Bags


Strong and flexible to conform to the receptacle and conceal contents

Clear bags allow cleaning staff to see and avoid potential needles and other sharps

1 mil low density poly is resistant to punctures and tears

Completely encloses discarded products to reduce risk of exposure to possible bloodborne pathogesn


Leak proof

Pleasant fresh fragrance masks odors

Snug fit prevents bag collapse

Keeps receptacle clean and appealing

Helps custodial staff by making their job easier and more efficient 


Can be used with most makes and models of stall menstrual product waste receptacles such as Bobrick, Bradley, Hospeco, Impact, ASI, Rubbermaid



SecureFit360™ Liner (LBSF500)

 U.S. Patent No. 9,957,105

Size: 13” x 12.5” with 6” strap

Strap fits around the bottom of the receptacle to secure in place and use as a handle for safe removal

Use on wall and surface mount receptacles

500 per case

Available in SILVER without fragrance

Watch Installation Demo

Installation Instruction Sheet




Open Ended Bags

500 per case

  LBM500 Size: 10″×4″×12″

 Made for removable inner bins of recessed receptacles and Rubbermaid® 6140


LBS500 Size: 9½” x 3½” x 12”

Made for CDW and Hospeco 6140WP