Specially Designed Liner Bags

Outside of health care facilities, there are no regulations in place to protect housekeepers or janitorial staff from exposure to blood or other potentially infectious material, even while cleaning restrooms. OSHA Blood borne Pathogen guidelines expect that menstrual products be discarded in sanitary napkin receptacles that are properly lined to prevent contact with the contents.


The most common product on the market used for this purpose are brown waxed paper bags. Since the bags do not hold their form to line the receptacle, soiled product piles up outside of the bag and do not remain contained to prevent direct contact during removal. Cleaning staff must be cautious when reaching into containers to remove used products to prevent accidental puncture by needles and other sharps disposed of in the stall sanitary napkin receptacle.


Another significant problem occurs when custodial staff place stacks of clean bags inside the receptacles. This sends a mixed message to restroom users that the receptacle is a trash can to discard menstrual product waste not a dispenser of disposal bags. Once the first user discards waste, subsequent users are reluctant to reach in for a clean bag for fear of touching dirty items. Now, all of the unused “clean” bags are contaminated! This results in an unsanitary mess. 


Why our liner bags?


  • Our liner bags provide a better fitting and cost effective alternative to brown waxed paper bags that covers the inside surface while totally concealing soiled contents
  • Our liner bags reduce risk of custodial staff contacting discarded menstrual products, (sanitary pads, tampons and other personal care items) and needles. Exceeds OSHA expectations
  • Our liner bags are embedded with antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria
  • Our liner bags are manufactured with a fresh fragrance to mask unpleasant odors
  • Our liners help custodial staff with their job making for quick and easy removal 
  • Our liner bags ease restroom visitors’ worries about cleanliness, germs, and odors




SecureFit360™ Liner (LBSF500)  


Fits varying models of surface mounted sanitary napkin receptacles- plastic and stainless steel units(such as Bobrick) 

  • Low density poly 1 ml thick.
  • Size: 13”x14” with unique 6” wrap around feature
  • Patented
  • Available in SILVER
  • 500 per case  




 SecureFit360™ Liner Bags Installation Sheet

How to Install SecureFit360 Liner Bags




Open Ended Bags 



 Fits a variety of receptacles including receptacles in recessed units and floor models;  Rubbermaid® 6140   units 

  • Low density poly 1 ml thick.
  • Size: 10″×4″×12″
  • 500 per case


  Fits CDW-Combination Dispenser/Receptacle with removable rigid liner and a variety of receptacles.

  • Low density poly 1 ml thick.
  • Size: 9½” x 3½” x 12”
  • 500 per case



 Elizabeth at the Hartsfield Jackson (Atlanta)  Airport using the SecureFit360 liners