committed to providing innovative solutions

 for the disposal of menstrual products

We’ve come a long way!

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Pittsford New York, the Company is a women-owned business, co-founded by Ann and John Germanow.

The Company has both design and utility patents for the unique design and features of SCENSIBLES personal disposal bags. The name, logo and tag line are all trademarks of the Scensible Source Company. 

The Company’s second product line, introduced in March 2007, are stall sanitary napkin waste receptacle liner bags. The patented SecureFit 360 was designed by the founder and her father, a retired professional mechanical engineer.

To respond to the demand from women requesting SCENSIBLES for home use, the Company introduced decorative consumer packaging in 2009.  The consumer packs are sold on-line and at WEGMANS Food Markets.

In 2016 HOSPECO the leader in the manufacture and sale of vended feminine hygiene products, and The Scensible Source Co. LLC, a pioneer in the development of innovative products for the safe and hygienic disposal of pads and tampons, joined forces to provide the most complete feminine hygiene solution for the away-from-home market.  Through this partnership, HOSPECO is pleased to announce they have gained exclusive commercial distribution rights to the Scensibles® product line.

The Company advocates for a greater public understanding of the environmental and health risks associated with improper disposal of feminine care products in away from home restrooms.

Social Responsibility: The Company is committed to helping economically disadvantaged teens and women have ready access to menstrual products and SCENSIBLES in a dignified manner.